BMW & Rolls-Royce, a BMW subsidiary since 1999, have announced a recall of a combined total of about 198,000 vehicles with model years 2002 through 2010. The vehicles affected are equipped with either a 8-cylinder or 12-cylinder engine. The V-8 and V-12 models affected under the BMW brand name are the 745i, 745Li, 760i, 760Li, Alpina B7, 645i, 650i, 545i and 550i. The Rolls-Royce model included in the recall is the Phantom.

The dilemma is the power braking system may experience a loss of vacuum. BMW said, “a check valve of the brake vacuum pump may leak a small amount of lubricating oil.” If this continues, “over time this could result in the contamination of the brake booster. If this occurred, the power-assist braking could be affected.”

Thanks to a built-in safety feature in the braking system, drivers can still slow their vehicle to a stop if the brake booster is contaminated. But the power will be greatly diminished. Although no injuries or deaths have been reported, this never-the-less, presents a safety hazard to drivers and passengers if not corrected.

BMW notified owners and prepped dealerships by sending replacement parts for the recall. Authorized BMW and Rolls-Royce dealers will fix the problem for FREE.