Recent Lemon Law Trial Recoveries

At The Law Offices of Douglas D. Law, Esq., California’s Consumer Protection Law Firm located in San Diego, California, we have over 50 years experience providing legal counsel to consumers of new, used, and leased vehicles throughout California. Our attorney’s main areas of focus are auto fraud and lemon law. Our California dealer fraud cases have successfully litigated thousands of auto fraud and lemon law cases.

Of course, most California lemon law and automobile fraud cases settle. IN FACT, MANY CASES SETTLE WITHOUT LEGAL PROCEEDINGS AND 99% OF CASES SETTLE WITHOUT HAVING TO GO TO TRIAL. To enforce your rights, however, it is important to have attorneys like ours who are experienced trial lawyers.

These are a few of our most RECENT TRIAL RECOVERIES:

  • A couple purchased a trailer with a shower leak. After a year and four repair attempts, they discovered the entire underbelly of the trailer had filled up with water. The jury awarded restitution under the lemon law and a $16,000 civil penalty.
  • Shortly after purchasing a truck, a consumer experienced problems with the truck’s brakes and steering. The consumer took the vehicle into dealerships 11 times, but the problems could not be repaired. The manufacturer claimed that the problems had all been repaired and only offered the owner a small cash payment. After a three-day trial, the jury awarded the consumer all out of pocket damages, plus a $15,000 civil penalty.
  • Owners of a two-door sedan began experiencing problems with the vehicle’s steering and front-end pulling. Despite several repair attempts, the vehicle continued to have problems with pulling and uneven tire wear. The Law Offices of Douglas D. Law, Esq. tried the case to a jury verdict in which the owners received a full refund of their monies.
  • A couple purchased a sport utility vehicle that went through two sets of brake pads in 14,000 miles. The manufacturer refused to replace the second set of brake pads, claiming that the vehicle functioned as designed and that the wear on the brake pads was caused by the owners’ aggressive driving habits. The jury awarded the owners a full repurchase of the vehicle, plus $58,000 in civil penalties.
  • An owner who sought relief under the Lemon Law for a boat that suffered from a defective fuel gauge. The Law Offices of Douglas D. Law, Esq. tried the case to a jury, which awarded the owner a full refund.
  • Shortly after a couple purchased a small sedan, the couple’s vehicle experienced an engine-tick noise. After several failed repair attempts, the dealership refused to repair their vehicle, claiming that the problems were caused by the couple’s failure to change the vehicle’s oil at regular intervals. After a three-day jury trial, the owners were awarded a full refund and an additional $6,000 civil penalty.
  • A couple purchased a used vehicle from a used car dealership. They were told at the time of purchase that not only was the car a classic and in “great condition,” but also that the vehicle had low mileage reflected by 48,000 miles on the odometer. However, the dealership concealed that the vehicle was, in fact, in poor mechanical condition and that the odometer had been rolled-back at least once. After a three day trial, the case settled for an amount equal to three times the value of the vehicle.
  • A consumer purchased a truck that suffered from a variety of defects, including premature tire wear. The manufacturer blamed the tires for the problem. A jury awarded a refund, plus a civil penalty equal to double the refund amount.

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"Doug and Kristen were invaluable in getting GM to repurchase my Corvette due to the driveline defects in the car that Chevrolet could not fix after 9 visits. GM and the Chevy dealerships in La Mesa and Mission Valley were not helpful, giving me absurd excuses, runarounds and one time ultimately refusing to write the defects up after demonstrating them to one of their technicians. In short, I highly recommend them to handle any lemon law case you may have."

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