When you experience a problem, it is only natural to turn to an expert in the field for answers, so when your vehicle begins showing signs of a defect it would make sense for consumers to seek advice from their auto repair shop. But, problems could arise when the vehicle’s problem is not being adequately addressed and the repair shop says that there’s not a vehicle defect. At this point, or possibly sooner, consumers should be consulting with lemon law lawyers who are experienced in dealing with similar types of cases. Speaking with a lemon law lawyer will provide consumers with guidance on the course of action that should be taken to receive the compensation that the consumer deserves and that the auto repair shop may not want the consumer to know about.

Lemon law lawyers are specially trained in representing clients struggling with unfixable and materially defective vehicles. So, when consumers notice that their vehicle is exhibiting problems, they should take it to the auto repair shop, but it would also be prudent to consult with a lemon law lawyer to ensure that they are taking the proper steps and precautions should a lawsuit prove to be necessary. While this section of California law requires manufacturers of defective vehicles to follow certain legal obligations, it also obligates consumers to take action as well. Consumers must present their vehicle to the manufacturer, or its agent, for a reasonable number of auto repair attempts before a lemon law lawyer will likely advise their client that they have a valid legal claim. Because there is no exact or precise number of times a court will consider a reasonable number of attempts, and because what is considered reasonable depends on the consumer’s specific circumstances, a lemon law lawyer will be able to explain to a consumer whether they should continue trying to fix their vehicle or whether they have already performed enough vehicle repairs and it is time to file a lawsuit to gain the relief they deserve.

Consumers should note that their auto repair shop, or auto repair technician, may not have their best interests at heart and may be trying to deter the consumer from contacting a lemon law lawyer. If the consumer truly feels that their vehicle is defective, and that the auto repair attempts made thus far have not been successful, they should disregard the opinion of the auto repair technician and contact a legal professional to give them educated advice. Because lemon law lawyers have an ethical obligation to zealously represent their clients, and because they have no personal, vested interest in the lawsuit, they can supply their clients with accurate, unbiased legal advice that could save consumers time and money.