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A woman in Los Angeles, CA looking at her overheating car.There are two main ways you can get ripped off when buying a car. The first way is to purchase a lemon, and the second is to get defrauded by the dealer. Either way, you’ve got a problem. Either way, the state of California has a legal remedy that you might be able to use to your advantage. And either way, you have an experienced lemon law attorney ready to represent you if you so choose.

Any attorney can practice in almost any field of law with or without significant experience in that exact specialty. A criminal lawyer can take on a contract dispute, for example, or a personal injury lawyer can take a lemon law case. While they are all lawyers, that doesn’t mean that they have the specific experience you need to get the best results.  It’s a little like going to the foot doctor when you have a toothache.

You won’t run into that problem with me – I have been practicing lemon law exclusively in CA since 1988, and my only other area of practice is auto dealer fraud law. This means that I know these two areas of law very well. And knowing these areas of law very well – means that nothing will get missed when you hire me as your Los Angeles lemon law attorney.

The Lemon Law in Los Angeles

The California lemon law, otherwise known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, entitles you to demand that the dealer buy back or replace a “lemon.” You must have purchased the car from an authorized dealer, and certain conditions apply. Of course, if you try to press a claim on your own, you are likely to get stonewalled by the dealership until the statute of limitations period runs out. Alternatively, you could get pressured into settling your claim for far less than it is worth. If you feel like the dealership is delaying matters, contact a skilled Los Angeles lemon law lawyer today. Give me a call and I will protect you.

Auto Dealer Fraud

Unfortunately, car buyers are frequently cheated by smooth-talking auto dealers. The auto dealer fraud law kicks in when a dealer tricks you into purchasing a vehicle through lies, misrepresentation, or concealment of facts about the transaction.  These falsities must be serious enough to cast real doubt about whether you would have purchased the vehicle – had you known the truth.

The fraud law provides you with numerous rights as a consumer, including information on every relevant fact about the vehicle and the transaction such as negative equity, financing information, and previous use. You can file a claim over a misrepresentation regardless of whether the misrepresentation was written (an “error” in the purchase contract, for example) or oral.

My Legal Arsenal

A man in Los Angeles, CA checking a classic blue used car which is for sale.The CA legal system is adversarial by nature, and filing a lemon law or auto dealer fraud claim is something akin to a declaration of war, even though the overwhelming majority of claims are settled outside of court. Over the last three decades or so I have been expanding my legal arsenal, and my peers in the legal profession have noticed.

  • I received a “Preeminent” rating from Martindale-Hubbell, the world’s most established ranking service for attorneys, based on a perfect ethics record and perfect or near-perfect rating on the quality of written work and trial skills.
  • I have been practicing lemon law/auto dealer fraud for nearly 30 years. I practice in no other field of law.
  • I have appeared on numerous TV shows and radio programs.
  • I have testified before the California State Legislature.
  • I have handled several landmark lemon law cases including Foreman v. National R.V., Inc. and Robertson v. Fleetwood Travel Trailers of California.

What My Clients Think…

The BEST Attorney for a Lemon Law Evaluation!

I retained Mr. Law for a vehicle lemon law case. I could have not been more pleased with his experience and professionalism handling my case. He gets results quickly and accurately. His staff was also outstanding. I would highly recommend contacting him and his staff for your case review. Thank You, Mr. Law! — Michael, September 18, 2013

I wish I were able to give more than 5 stars to this firm!

Went into my lemon law case with no knowledge of the process. Did research and talked to a few firms about my issues with my vehicle, time frames, etc. All seemed weary, said I should wait, blah blah. I was told (from other firms) it could take over 5-6 months just for a RESPONSE of some sort from Ford (yes, I name-dropped). But not Mr. Law! He took my case on and had it fully settled in LESS than 3 months! — Taylor A.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many repair attempts do I need before I can demand a refund under the lemon law?

State law requires you to allow your dealer a “reasonable” number of attempts. A general rule of thumb is that you have a claim after four unsuccessful attempts to fix the same problem, or if your car spends a total of more than 30 days in the shop.

Can I still use the lemon law if my car is beyond the warranty period?

Yes, as long as your car was under the original manufacturer’s warranty at the time the repairs (or attempted repairs) were actually made. That is the legal theory anyway. In reality, the longer you wait to press your claim, the more difficult it will likely be to prove it.

Does the lemon law apply to an extended warranty?

No, unfortunately, repairs made under an extended warranty do not qualify as “warranty repairs” under the lemon law. An extended warranty and a manufacturer’s warranty are different, and it is important that you understand exactly when your manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Does the lemon law apply to leased or used cars?

Yes, the law covers both leased and used cars, as long as the vehicle was covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty when the repairs were made. If you are driving a used car, you might also have a claim if your car was “Certified Pre-Owned” and the manufacturer extended the original warranty.

What if I bought the car in another state?

Unfortunately, if you bought your car in another state, the California lemon law will not protect you. The good news is that the Federal lemon law may protect you.

What exactly are the components of a lemon law refund?

If you opt for a refund you are entitled to:

  • Your down payment
  • All of the monthly payments thus far
  • Your current registration fee, and any other fees you might have paid (license fees, for example)
  • Fees for a rental car you might have used when your car was being repaired
  • Cancellation of any outstanding financing loan

Are punitive damages possible in a lemon law case?

There is something called “enhanced damages”, equal to up to twice the amount you would otherwise receive. For enhanced damages to apply, the manufacturer’s failure to comply with any requirement of the lemon law had to have been “willful.” Since this is not easy to prove, most claimants do not receive enhanced damages.

How likely is it that my case will go to trial?

Not very likely. Although some cases do go to trial, most are resolved through private settlement. Litigation is expensive for auto dealers, and they prefer to avoid it if they believe there is a realistic chance they will lose in court. The best way to avoid a courtroom battle is to build a convincing case before trial.

What is the statute of limitations for a lemon law claim and how will it affect my case?

The general statute of limitations is four years after you discovered, or should have discovered, that your car qualified as a lemon. If you miss the deadline, you will not be able to file a lawsuit and the defendant will have no incentive to negotiate. It is usually best to begin pursuing your claim as soon as possible.

What are some of the rights a buyer enjoys under the consumer fraud law in CA?

You enjoy the following rights, among others:

  • A copy of the Buyer’s Guide
  • A copy of every document you signed
  • Detailed and accurate payment and financing information
  • Disclosure of negative equity, previous dealer lemon law buyback, prior use, prior accidents, and accurate odometer reading.

What’s the difference between the “money factor” and the interest rate?

A classic blue used car which is up for sale in Los Angeles, CA.The money factor is a number that, multiplied by 2,400, yields the interest rate on financing. Getting your math wrong here could end up costing you a lot of money – and making a lot of money for an unscrupulous dealer.

“But I can’t afford to hire a lawyer!”

Yes, you can, even if you haven’t a dollar in your pocket. That is because I don’t charge any upfront fees and I will never charge you anything if I don’t win your case. And if I do win your case (as I do for 99% of my clients), your bill won’t come due until your money (or your replacement vehicle) actually arrives. I don’t make any money unless you do, and that’s just the way I like it. Call me today and hire me to represent you as your Los Angeles lemon law lawyer!

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My near-perfect success rate and my multitude of satisfied clients are sources of deep gratification for me. I have been cheated myself, and fighting back against this sort of consumer abuse is the reason I went to law school. If you believe you may have a lemon law or an auto dealer fraud claim in Los Angeles, CA, call The Law Offices of Douglas D. Law, Esq, or contact me online for a free initial evaluation of your case.

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