Mack truck

Mack Trucks is recalling the MRU Heavy Truck, one of their most popular models. The MRU is used for a variety of different purposes, but is most commonly seen driving around town on trash day, picking up dumpsters full of waste or recycling with a forklift-like apparatus for sanitation companies. These vehicles are part of Mack Truck’s “Refuse Series.” Some MRU Mack Trucks are even fitted with a crane.

The Specific Mack MRU Heavy Trucks being recalled were built between November 26, 2008 through April 26, 2011 with model years 2009-2012. In total, 2,294 vehicles are being recalled.

The issue at hand causing the recall is that the steering gear’s mounting bolts were not properly fastened to manufacturing specifications. As a result, the mounting bolts may come loose and cause the mounting bracket & steering column to disconnect from one another. If that happens while the truck is driving, the resulting loss of control could lead to a serious crash. With a vehicle of this size and weight, the risk is increased greatly.