Honda Motors announced on July 30th that it is recalling several of its sport touring motorbikes and a line of police motorcycles, as well. The bikes included under the recall are the model years 2008-’10 ST1300s built between November 15th, 2007 and May 27th, 2010, as well as the 2008-’10 ST1300As built from November 7th, 2007 to April 6th, 2010, and lastly the 2009 ST1300PA police motorcycles made between November 18th, 2008 and December 9th, 2009. In total, 2,232 motorbikes are being recalled.

These motorcycles are being recalled because when the rear suspension fully bottoms out or gets fully compressed enough times the break reservoir hose becomes warn and damaged. If punctured, the hose may start to leak brake fluid, leading to partial to complete loss of rear break power! This is a recipe for disaster. Dealers are replacing the reservoir hose for free.

In other news, Kawasaki announced its recall of 2,560 of it model year 2010 Ninja ZX-10r motorcycles due to a problem with the bikes electrical system. The wiring harness can get compressed between a rear seat cover bolt and the rear frame or between the rear fender and sub-frame which could cause damage. With enough wear, the wires could short, causing a total loss of engine power. If a stall occures at high speeds, the risk of a serious crash is almost inevitable. Dealers will reroute and repair as necessary.