On March 28th of this year, Volkswagen of America announced that they are recalling 71,043 model year 2011 Jetta Sedans made in the factory between March 2010 and March 2011. Called into question was the electrical system of the new, redesigned Jetta sedan. VW confirms that an improper layout is the root of the problem. The converter box, horn and alarm all share the same fuse. This can cause the system to overload. If the fuse blows, it will cause the converter box to short-circuit, causing the engine to stall, the headlights would shut off suddenly and the wipers could stop working, which under certain conditions could be a recipe for disaster.

Volkswagen of America has sent out letters to owners of the newly redesigned Jetta Sedan and notified dealerships. Dealers will separate the wiring from the horn and theft protection system from the power supply of the converter box and reroute them to different fuses free of charge. If you own a 2011 Jetta Sedan that falls under this recall but you have not been yet notified, contact us at (888) 587-9623.

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