Yamaha Motor Corporation of America is recalling model year 2003-2008 GP1300 wave runners as well as model year 2005-2008 XV1100 wave runners because of an electrical wiring problem effecting the throttle. The outer throttle cable may start to corrode and become cracked and damaged. This problem could cause the inner throttle wire cable to tare and fray. If these two cables do become damaged there is a possibility they may catch and if the inner cable connects with the cracked outer cable, the throttle may become more and more damaged until eventually the throttle is no longer able to hold in the “idle” position.

If you have purchased a GP1300 Yamaha wave runner made between 2003 and 2008 or a XV1100 Yamaha wave runner made between 2005-2008 and are experiencing similar trouble contact us TOLL FREE at (1-877-348-1152) or fill out one of our Evaluation Forms.