Original Dart:
For those who are unaware of Dodge’s history with the Dart name, Dodge first released a car back in 1960 with that same model name. The original Dart was manufactured for 16 years until production was ceased in 1976.

Dodge Dart

The Dart was usually powered by Chrysler’s old but durable straight-six cylinder engine, which was placed at a 30-degree angle in the engine compartment. That is how the Dodge Dart earned its nickname the “Slant Six Lead Sled.” It also became known as “Grandma’s Car” because of its low price and immense popularity in the 60s and 70s.

New Dart Model:
The new version of the Dart is the first real vehicle to come out of the recent Fiat-Chrysler merger. The new compact hatch is based on the Alfo Romeo Giulietta which is only manufactured in Europe.

Arriving next year, the new version of the Dart will offer consumers a choice between three different engines. Two of the options are updated Chrysler 4-cylinder engines redubbed “Tigershark.” The new Dart will make its first public appearance at the Detroit Auto Show this month.