Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. recently announced a recall of about 20,000 of one of its most popular cars, the Altima sedan. The vehicles affected come from the 2011-‘12 model year and were built at Nissan’s Canton, Mississippi factory plant between April 25, 2011 and June 10th, 2011.

The defect lies in an improperly fastened bolt in the car’s front suspension. Nissan first took notice after investigating a vibrating rattle coming from the front end of the vehicle. What was discovered is that the Transverse Link Bolt was not adequately tightened during the manufacturing process.

The rattling sound that prompted the inquiry occurs while driving because the bolt has become loose, presenting a safety hazard. If the bolt were to fall off, the resulting loss of control could very well lead to an accident. Nissan has notified owners and dealerships who will be inspecting, tightening and/or replacing the Transverse Link Bolt FREE OF CHARGE.