Honda Motor Co. has announced that it is recalling certain VT1300CX/A Fury motorcycles with a 2010 model year due to an emissions issue. The problem is these Fury motorcycles are not up to code with the Environmental Protection Agency nor the California Air Resources Board‘s emissions standards and regulations.

A part known as “breather tube A” which is used in both the Exhaust Emissions Control System and the Crankcase Emissions Control System can wear and become damaged easily. With enough deterioration, the tube could fail in either system which could lead to a leak of exhaust and/or crankcase emissions and would through emissions levels off and therefore not pass regulations.

If the defect is not properly fixed, owners will not be able to renew their motorcycle’s registration. Take your Honda Fury into an authorized Honda dealership to have the “breather tube A” replaced. Make sure to get a Vehicle Emissions Recall – Proof of Correction from the dealer and hold on to if for your records, unless the DMV requires you to turn it in. In which case, make a copy to keep for yourself.