BMW of North America is recalling over 30,000 of its 2008-2011 BMW 1-Series vehicles manufactured between December 1st, 2007 and May 27th 2010 due to an improperly designed front safety belt system retractor unit. The front safety belt pretensioner, which is supposed to protect the driver or passenger in a collision, is in very close proximity to insulation materials in the B-pillar.

This close proximity creates what could be a major safety hazard! Should a collision occur, activating the pretensioner, it could cause enough friction to ignite the near-by insulation materials, causing a fire from within the car. If knocked unconscious during a crash, occupants could be severely injured or die from either smoke inhalation or the fire itself!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is cracking down on automobile companies, ever since the Toyota unintended acceleration deaths fiasco. As part of the recall, BMW will be putting new front safety belt retractor units and their pretensioners and adjust the insulation’s proximity to a safe distance from the belt retractor unit in those 1-Series vehicles made up through December 2009. All vehicles built from January to May 2010 will receive the insulation adjustment, as well.

If you or someone you know has a BMW 1-Series with 2008 to 2011 model year and you have not already been contacted about the recall of your new vehicle, call us at (888) 587-9623. If you are unsure if your vehicle ever received the recall fix because you bought it used, contact the dealership you bought it from. If they say it has, but you feel they maybe lying further investigation is required. Consultations are always free, so call us.