General Motors is recalling almost 40,000 of its 2012 Chevy Equinox & GMC Terrain compact SUVs. The Terrain and Equinox SUVs have proved to be top sellers for General Motors after the redesigned 2010 models first hit the market.

The system that measures these vehicles’ tire pressures is not up to code with Federal Standards. 33,964 Terrains & Equinoxes manufactured between July 18th and September 6th of this year are effected in the recall. Look for your vehicle’s manufacturing date on a sticker or placard attached to the driver’s-side door jamb.

Federal regulations require tire monitoring systems to initiate the tire pressure warning light when the tire is no more than 25% below the recommended cold tire pressure. However, these vehicles’ tire pressure warning lights do not illuminate until their pressure is well below 25%. This can lead to overloading or overheating of the tire, resulting in a blow out and quite possibly a car crash. This defect can also lead to excessive wear and tear on the tires and poor steering. It can also negatively affect the vehicle’s miles-per-gallon.

Expected to begin this month, General Motors will update the system for FREE at authorized dealers.