Is your 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe making buzzing, whining noises? Are you experiencing loss of motive power? Over six thousand Santa Fe Crossover SUVs are being recalled with these symptoms. To be specific, 2010 Santa Fe Crossovers with front-wheel-drive, a 2.4L engine, automatic transmission, made between October 15th, 2009 and March 5th, 2010.

The problem lies in the misalignment of the intermediate shaft and the right-side output gear. Excessive wear due to the misalignment is producing a whining or whirring noise and damaging the drivetrain. If the vehicle is continued to be driven in this state, it could cause loss of motive power, increasing the risk of an accident and injury.

Only some Santa Fe Crossovers with a 2010 model year have this defect. Contact your dealership to see if your vehicle qualifies for the recall. Check the manufacture date on the driver-side doorjamb of your vehicle. If you are experiencing these problems and have not yet been contacted for the recall, call us at (888) 587-9623. You may have been sold a lemon.