Often owners of suspected lemon vehicles are interested in learning more about their vehicle’s problems and specifically whether other consumers have experienced the same problems they have. Many times this is created by a dealership that has told them nothing is wrong with their vehicle, the problem is” normal”, the vehicle is operating within manufacturer specifications or that they must be doing something wrong in operating the vehicle. Frustrated they begin to doubt their own common sense.

We encourage consumers to do some research. It can help them understand what is really going on with the car and can lead to invaluable information.

The first resource is the Office of Defect Investigations, National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHTSA). NHTSA maintains a database of all consumer complaints it receives regarding all makes and models of automobiles. NHTSA’s website also contains information regarding recalls, technical service bulletins and defect investigations. A little navigation on this site will lead a consumer to an understanding of whether the problem is prevalent in similar vehicles or not.

Second and more interesting, is simply doing a keyword search on the internet. Type in “2009 Prius ABS brake problems” and start reading. A consumer will gain a ton of knowledge about the vehicle’s problem. As lemon law lawyers we perform this type of research in every case. If you have any questions regarding your vehicle’s repair history, contact us at: (888)587-9623.