So you’re ready to buy a new car, and you’re looking for a solid, reliable vehicle that fits your needs. If that’s the case, you may want to avoid the following 10 car makers. According to a recent survey by Warranty Direct, these brands had the highest rates of engine problems this past year. If you’ve bought a car from any one of these auto makers and are experiencing engine problems, you may want to contact a qualified attorney, as you might be entitled to compensation.

10. Mitsubishi
With 1 in 59 of its cars experiencing engine failure, Mitsubishi takes the number 10 spot in Warranty Direct’s list of most unreliable car makers. Unlike Honda (its main Japanese competitor), Mitsubishi seems to have lagged behind in its quality standards.

9. Volkswagen
Volkswagen is one of the most popular car brands in the U.S. and Britain, but when you look at the survey numbers, the German auto maker did even worse than Mitsubishi. 1 in every 52 Volkswagen vehicles experienced engine failure.

8. Renault
The French have never been renowned for the quality of their cars, and Renault’s numbers don’t do much to change the stereotype. 1 in every 46 Renault vehicles experienced either engine failure or other car problems that lead to vehicle malfunction.

7. BMW
BMW came in 7th in the survey, with 1 in every 45 BMW cars experiencing engine problems. BMW’s inclusion in the list is likely a surprise to most people, as the German auto maker is often touted for its engineering.

6. Peugeot
Another French automaker, Peugeot has a history of shoddy manufacturing. 1 in every 44 Peugeot cars was sent to the mechanic for engine repairs, according to Warranty Direct.

5. Vauxhall
The British manufacturer Vauxhall comes in at number 5, with 1 in every 41 of its vehicles experiencing engine problems. Like their French counterparts, British manufactures have never been known for the reliability of their cars either.

4. Saab
The Swedish manufacturer Saab is known for its luxury sedans, but the cars it manufactures may not be all they’re hyped up to be. According to Warranty Direct, 1 in every 40 Saabs experienced engine problems.

MINI Coopers have benefited from excellent marketing campaigns in the U.S., but the BMW-owned car maker may actually be one of the most unreliable brands on the market, with 1 in every 40 of its vehicles experiencing engine problems.

2. Audi
Another very popular German car maker, Audi takes the number 2 spot in Warranty Direct’s most unreliable brands list. 1 in every 27 Audis experienced engine failure or serious engine problems.

1. MG Rover
And the number 1 spot for most unreliable car maker goes to MG Rover. The figures of this recently defunct auto brand are really alarming: 1 in every 13 MG Rover vehicles experienced engine failure. That’s a 7.8% chance that the MG Rove you own might be a Lemon.