Ford is recalling nearly 27,000 trucks because of a defect in the vehicles’ lighting systems. The truck models included in the recall are the 2004-’11 Ranger, 2002-’05 Excursion and the 2002-’07 F-Series 250-350.

The multifunction switch has been rendered defective due to a deformed sub-component slider. The deformity may cause the hazard warning lights, tail lights, brake lights and/or signal lights to not activate when prompted or to cut out while in use.

If one or more of these lights were to stop working, it would greatly increase the risk of accident and injury, especially if they were to short out at night. Ford issued a “Stop-Sale Notice” in early July for the 2011 Ranger. This month, Ford officially announced its recall of 26,715 trucks and has begun notifying owners, as well as instructing dealers to replace the multifunction switch for FREE.