103,300 Mazda3 and MazdaSpeed3 2008-2009 hatchbacks and sedans, assembled between January 7th and November 28th of 2008, to fix windshield wipers that may not work. The windshield wiper motor’s ground terminal may have been bent while being assembled. This could worsen and cause the wipers to cease working, all together.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) explained in it’s summary of the recall “If this condition exists, then over time the electrical resistance of the motor circuit may increase up to a point that the windshield wipers would not work. The loss of wiper function in adverse weather could potentially increase the risk of a crash.”

This recall is part of a bigger global Mazda recall of 494,500 Mazda3s and Axelas. Dealerships will install a new ground harness on the wiper motor of all Mazda3s and MazdaSpeed3s made between January 7th and November 28th in 2008 for free starting July 15th. To find out the date your car was manufactured, check the label affixed to the driver-side doorjamb.